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The museum was given a Fairmont Speeder in what appeared to be in reasonable condition but many parts missing. What was not obvious without a more detailed inspection was that the speeder had been in a serious collision.

In addition, the speeder was covered in a layer of goo, tar, grease, and gunk.

Here the brakes. It took 10 cans of oven cleaner, two jugs of TSP, and lots of hot water for cleaning.

The only thing that really worked was sandblasting, went through 900 lbs. of sand.

Here, cleaning and sanding nearly done. A tractor loader helped move the frame around.

Sanding, priming,all going well. Just slightly seen here is the bow in the upper frame. The entire front of the loader was applied twice to straighten it out, front wheels of the tractor off the ground. Parts of the front window frame were 2 inches out of line.

Here looking better with new paint.


Underside, with polished alunimum frame.

Before and after on the toolboxes.

As parts were removed, they were worked back to new condition, or purchased like the gas tank and glass, well over a thousand dollars spent so far in three years time.

Here, the sandblasted wheels in new paint, the tranny overhauled and painted...
OK, have to admit, sneeking my car in, painted it 20 years ago.

So now, should the speeder be painted in a theme,
maybe hot rod dragger like this...

Or maybe a Nascar theme like this.......hmmm

May 2014.......

Speeder DONE and in the museum.

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